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Dental cleanings and checkups

If your dentist informed you that you have ingrowing tooth decay, you will be more happy than concerned because now you can treat it. Tooth decay is caused because of infections and without treatment, these infections can cause serious problems like tooth abscesses or lost teeth.

Regular dental cleanings and check-ups take care of it. Your teeth will be cleaned from any plaque or stain and the dental exam will detect a disease growing in some corner of your mouth. Early detection of dental problems will save you a lot of money, pain, and inconvenience.

An unattractive smile or smelly mouth can destroy your social life. And toothaches can ruin the enjoyment of everything. To avoid situations like this, get regular dental cleaning and examination. Contact Westgate dental to get your regular dental cleaning and check-up.

What happens during a dental cleaning

Although you should maintain proper dental hygiene at home, professional dental cleaning is also necessary. With all the modern equipment teeth cleaning has become very gentle and effective.